How It Works
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Design Your Virtual Piece
With our experts.
Your Custom Piece Is Created
By our skilled jewelers.
Step 1: Consultation
Phone Call / FaceTime / Skype / Meeting in one of our offices.

Our goal is to first find out what your goals / thoughts are as far as
  • Desired shape or shapes you are considering.
  • Desired size / budget (if you are unsure we are here to help you understand costs)
  • Designs that you love / have seen or haven’t seen that spark your interest
We also provide education (DIAMOND 101) live training at no cost.
Step 2: Finding Your Diamond
Once we speak about what shape / style you are interested in, we then search the entire global diamond market for the absolute best options available at the most competitive prices in order to find the BEST options for you.

With over 100 years in the diamond business our connections far surpass any online retailers and allow us to draw directly from cutters in Israel who manufacture diamonds from the rough material. We are extremely particular about how a diamond is cut, this determines the brilliance.

We then either meet to show you our hand selected diamonds of ONLY the best cut, color & clarity in relation to what your budget and goals allow OR We can send high quality videos via email or text and make sure you see the diamonds up close and on a hand to give a size reference.

We work with many amazing clients around the globe including many NFL, NBA, MLB players who have busy schedules and are unable to visit one of our locations. Many of which will not see the diamond until we create the ring from scratch and securely deliver the ring to anywhere in the world.