Welcome to the Wachler Diamonds Bridal Guide. Our bridal team has over one hundred years of knowledge & experience in creating beautiful engagement rings. Together, we have curated a list of answers to questions our clients ask us the most. At Wachler, every piece of jewelry is custom made to fit you. This is one of life's biggest purchases and we are here every step of the way, to ensure you will not only get the best deal, but the very best diamonds. To book a virtual appointment with David, our diamond expert, click the link at the end of our guide. At Wachler Diamonds, we not only help you create your dream ring in just about any budget, we stand behind our rings for a lifetime.
We look forward to beginning this journey with you. Welcome to the Wachler family.

How to create an Engagement Ring with Wachler Diamonds

Creating the perfect engagement ring is easier than you think! With our unique process, you are guaranteed success.


Before our Diamond Expert , fourth generation jeweler David Wachler begins his unique Custom Ring Process, he insists on having a virtual, educational consultation to share with you the most important information you need to know - and will certainly benefit from, before you shop for a diamond / create a ring.

On our virtual consultation you will discuss:

  • The Four C’s (Color, Cut, Clarity & Carat weight) - including inside knowledge that MOST jewelers will never share about Clarity.
  • How to balance the Four C’s for YOUR personal budget and the different routes you can take. ( There are many )
  • The importance of RATIOs in fancy shapes - and how to find the LARGEST stone in the WORLD DIAMOND MARKET for the weight / budget
  • The Dangers of a DEEP stone & a SHALLOW stone
  • Why all GIA certified Diamonds aren't the same, even if their grading is the same…
  • How Wachler constructs rings & prongs differently than the majority of jewelers in the world & why it matters to you.


Once David meets with you virtually, he will have a deep understanding of your goals as far as: SHAPE BUDGET QUALITY SPECIFICATIONS RATIO PREFERENCES RING DESIGN & MORE

David will curate a selection of loose stones which are hand selected to be everything you want in a Diamond & more. During the in store appointment - you will visit with David directly - where you will be able to try on, and inspect under magnification, the options that are specifically here for you to choose.

If in the event your preferences change, David will curate a new selection to present to you. Once you select the Diamond of your dreams, David works personally with you to design the setting to be exactly what you envision. Using 3D renderings to ensure our finished hand crafted piece, is absolutely perfect for you.



Creating a masterpiece takes time, specifically 30 days or more depending on the complexity of the ring. If you are in need of our RUSH services we will work hard to accomplish your goal if it is possible, for an additional fee.
A quick diamond guide to look through before your virtual appointment
Picking Your Diamond Shape: Each stone has its own unique properties that make it special from the rest. At Wachler Diamonds David works his magic to ensure you will pick what best fits your engagement ring checklist.
Which styles are considered to be classic?
Having unlimited options when it comes to designing your forever ring, there are a few shapes and styles that are known to be forever timeless. These classic styles are worth exploring:
Davids Bridal Tip: One of the benefits of working with David is you can combine different aspects of design into one ring. Here is an example of a solitaire with a hidden halo.
How To Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger:
  • Consider choosing a halo. By adding pave diamonds around your stone it will give it the illusion of being a larger stone
  • Keep your band as thin as possible to ensure your diamond will stand out as best as it can!
  • Picking an Oval usually gives the illusion of almost .20 carats more than what the actual weight of the stone is.
What size Diamond Can I Get For My Budget?
This depends on whether you are going for lab diamond or mined diamond. Book a virtual appointment with David to learn how to get the best bang for your buck!
How To Save On Your Engagement Ring:
  • Stay away from round stones because they are the most expensive cut
  • Try to steer clear from 3 stone settings and invest your budget on your center stone
  • Avoid trend setting stones of the times and opt for something more classic
How To Pick The Best Color For Your Engagement Ring:
Each diamond face has its own unique sparkle. Depending on the shape, different colors will bring out their natural sparkle. David’s expertise in GIA makes the process very simple.
How Often Should You Clean Your Ring?
Giving your diamond some a little scrub will help maintain every sparkle in your ring. David recommends cleaning your diamond with a diamond cleaner every other week to upkeep the best sparkle.
How To Choose A Wedding Band:
  • When looking for a wedding band David suggests shopping with your engagement ring on, to see the full picture of both pieces on your hand.
  • Be mindful of your daily activities, this will help you decide between a pave diamond band or a heavier type of ring.
  • A wedding band is a piece in addition to your engagement ring. Every band is customizable for your budget and lifestyle. David will curate options that best fit everything you are looking for.
Where To Wear Your Wedding Band:
There is no one way to wear your wedding band. It is a personal decision relative to your culture and way of living. David’s bridal expertise will guide you to make the best decision for you and your life partner.