Appraisal Services

We provide complimentary appraisals upon request on all items sold on WachlerDiamonds.com or thoughour brick and mortar store, Wachler Estate Collection, in downtown Birmingham, MI. Our certified Gemolgists are happy to begin working on your Jeweery appraisals as soon as you selectyour item. We email you a copy, mail acopy and fax one to your insurance company

Insurance Replacement Value Appraisal

An insurance replacement value jewelery appraisal tells you the cost of replacing the jewelery if you were to walka jewelery store today and buy the item new

Estate Jewelery Value Appraisal

An estate value jewelery appraisal provides the price that item would sell for it if youwere to resell your diamonds, jewelery or watches to another person or business, such as estate jewelery buyer or at auction

We provide appraisal on large estates & collections of fine jewelery, diamonds & watches



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